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5 Healthy Household Products We Love

Monday Top 5 is a new feature aimed at inspiring you to make healthier choices …

Through our personal journey to live a less toxic life, we are committing ourselves to try out healthier alternative products available on the market. We will be uncovering our current favourites on a Monday according to the featured category.

We are looking to highlight products that actually work and products you can feel good about buying! Why? Because they are safer for you, your family and the environment 🙂

5 Healthy Household Products We Love

We are lucky enough to have quite a selection of products available nowadays. There are some brands that take pride in and are committed to real ingredients, environmental sustainability and the development of cruelty-free products.

Here are a few of our favourites, in no particular order of preference, because we love them all equally ……


1. bioD Dishwasher Powder

When considering the switch to non-toxic, the first thing that came to mind was dishwasher powder/tablets. What are we cleaning the things we are eating and drinking out of? This powder is made of naturally derived materials which means you don’t have to worry about any nasty chemical residue on your plates, glasses, cutlery etc.

It cleans well, lasts for up to 72 washes and works in conjunction with the bioD Dishwasher Rinse Aid which you only need to top up once in a while.



2. If You Care Paper Snack & Sandwich Bags

I try to reduce the amount of plastic I buy, not always easy right? – I know! I was really happy when I came across these bags which make a great alternative to plastic zip lock bags for school lunches or snacks.

They are made in Sweden from unbleached pulp of Scandinavian spruce trees. They are uncoated, not treated with petroleum-based paraffin wax, soy or any other type of wax and are totally chlorine-free.


3. Earth Friendly Fruit & Veg Wash

I’ve been using this for months now and it really is a great product. I spray all my fruit and veg with it and then rinse with water before using. I consume a fair bit of raw fruit and veg so using this gives me peace of mind that the produce is in fact clean before reaching my mouth.

It’s an all-natural, non-toxic spray that removes wax, dirt and residues and leaves no after taste.




4. Ecover Oven & Hob Cleaner

I really enjoy using this spray! It’s fantastic and cleans really well! It contains no harsh chemicals and is made up of plant-based and mineral ingredients. For me this is important, especially when cleaning the oven where I cook food for my family!!

It also tackles burnt-on food and since it contains no harmful ingredients you can even clean pots, pans and BBQs with it.




5. Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven 4.7 Litres

This was perhaps one of my favourite Christmas gifts to date! I use it ALL the time – definitely worth a mention.

Generally speaking, the main issues with traditional cookware like poor non-stick and aluminum is that they can leach hormone disrupting chemicals and toxins into food … cooking with cast-iron, stainless steel, glass, ceramic and/or stoneware is a safer option. This particular pot is enamel over cast iron and suitable for stove-top and oven use. I cook everything from soups, risottos, stews, curries, sauces and even bread in it.


How did you find this article? Was it helpful to you? Is there a specific category that you would like us to cover? We’d love to hear your feedback!

In the meantime, be proud of every healthy change you decide to make! It’s important not to feel overwhelmed with the thought of trying to change everything all at once, try to incorporate little changes here and there and see how they work for you.

If you would like to ask us any questions on the items we have featured, please do feel free to contact us via Facebook or Instagram

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