A 5 year old’s take on health and fitness ….

I was sitting with Eli, my son, yesterday evening chatting and colouring before bed and I thought it may be fun to pick his brain on being healthy and fit and what this means to him. I don’t usually post such articles but this was too cute a conversation not to share …

  1. What does eating healthy mean to you? It means getting stronger and healthy. Eating good food. Good food means vegetables.
  2. Can you mention a few healthy foods? Cucumber, Carrots, Salad, Tomatoes, Apricots, Pears
  3. What are your favourite healthy foods? Banana, Apple and Meatballs
  4. Why is exercise important? It makes you strong and helps you grow.
  5. Can you mention different types of exercise? Push ups, Karate, Downward Dog
  6. What exercise does mummy do? Handstands
  7. What is your favourite type of exercise? Playing
  8. Do you think mummy and daddy are healthy? Yes. They eat a lot of healthy food, they run and they do exercise!
  9. Do you want to be healthy like mummy and daddy? Yes but sometimes its hard to try new food that you don’t really like.


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