Buddies for Life! Working out with Mum

This pair is as cute as punch! Every morning, without fail, these fitties wake up at 6am and start their day with a killer workout – and they do this TOGETHER.

So to celebrate Mother’s day, I thought it apt to run a feature on these two and the special bond that they share – because they are amazing and because I am in awe of the support and encouragement that they show one another!

Ladies of Fit Malta Mums, I present to you the dynamic duo, Faye & Monique ….

Faye (Daughter)

  1. How would you describe your mum in a few words?

Top of the list – perfectionist. She’s the most caring and loving person I have ever met or known. She’s a “clean freak” (the good kind of way) and keeps the house top notch like she’s expecting the Queen any day – haha !

  1. Has fitness always been present in your lives?

I started both ballet and jazz from the age of 3 and kept it up for 20 years.. I also did athletics (sprinter) and took part in competitions every Sunday for around 5 years. I played tennis for around 8 years as well … so yes, fitness has always been part of my life.

  1. How does working out together affect your relationship?

When your daily alarm is set for 6am to get up to workout, still living with your mum and training together, always makes waking up easier. Getting used to waking up EVERY DAY at 6am for class, was extremely difficult as I was a never a morning person, however mum would always make me feel guilty if I even mentioned cancelling last minute for a lie-in or any other invalid excuse. We really push and encourage each other and it has now become part of our daily routine. Working out together helps to brighten our moods; it’s not the first time we would have a silly argument on the way to class (usually due to my morning grumpiness) but the second the workout begins, all our stress and tension vanishes and we both come out a new person! One extremely positive side of working out with my mum is the fact that I feel it makes up part of our quality time spent together. Otherwise I’m either out all weekend or too exhausted to converse after a whole day of work.

  1. How would you rate your mum’s fitness level?

Well she’s proof that AGE IS JUST A NUMBER!! She kicks my ass in certain exercises and her upper body strength is triple mine, especially if we are partnered up and need equal arm strength, I always tell her to SLOW DOWN! I’d give her a 10/10 !!

  1. What qualities in your mum do you admire?

Her unconditional love and support and the constant interest she shows in my daily life, be it school, work or my social life. As long as you don’t upset her, she will give you the world and go out of her way to do everything to make you happy. Her ambition, when it comes to fitness, impresses me too. (Especially at her age and regardless of the fact that she suffers from sleepless nights)

  1. What is the most important thing your mum has taught you?

Mmmmm .. probably discipline. Whether it was ballet classes or jazz, tennis or drama lessons, she would NEVER let me miss a single class. She has also taught me the importance of being organized, clean and tidy. This reflects in my character, in the way I do things, the way I am at work (which in my job is a priority) and in every day life, it’s a BIG thing which people take for granted but my mum always emphasized on it.

Monique (Mum)

  1. How would you describe your daughter in a few words?

Faye is very assertive, positive and optimistic. Above all she’s kind and considerate but at times impatient!

  1. When did you start exercising together?

We started exercising together about three years ago however we both have a history of fitness and training separately in previous years.

  1. Why is fitness important for you?

Fitness has been part of my lifestyle for many years and still it remains the focal point of my well-being. Being healthy is important to me and exercising gives me the energy I need to get through my day. It has improved my agility and definitely keeps me in shape. Overall it gives me that feel good factor.

  1. What makes your mummy-daughter relationship special?

We share a mother-daughter friendship with no inhibitions and we are very comfortable and at ease hanging out together. We enjoy traveling and shopping! Her opinion means the world to me and although we have our disagreements, we are somehow inseparable.

  1. What do you like best about working out with your daughter?

I could feel the oldest in the class but Faye is my daily motivation. She encourages me throughout; especially to keep up with all the younger ones in class and her criticism is a good push for me to try harder! Plus watching her during the classes reminds me of my sporty days back when I was her age!

  1. What qualities in your daughter do you admire?

Definitely her kindness and positive attitude towards life! She’s always in good spirits and full of energy. I admire her ability to rise above the negative and let the positive take over every single time!

Too cute right? Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

What is it that YOU love to do with your mum? Let us know, tag her and show her some love too!

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