Close up with Anchelique Fjœre

A former professional dancer for the stars, Anchelique’s signature class isn’t only strong and filled with a detailed alignment cue but also a creative flow in her transitions.

She was quickly uprooted to advanced levels, as she began her yoga journey with Bikram, Ashtanga and then finally finding a passion for Vinyasa Flow. She’s an accredited E-RYT500 and 500hr yoga alliance registered teacher.

An ideal guide and coach for those who are looking to improve their body through movement, yoga, dance or those who are searching for peace and serenity, through the guidance of a true artist.

I have attended many of Anchelique’s yoga classes and she has, and continues to, inspire me and deepen my understanding of the very personal nature of practice. I sat down with her over a cold pressed juice to find out more ….

You’ve recently become a mum, congratulations, what sort of adjustments have you had to make to balance your work time as a yoga instructor and the full time job that is motherhood?

Thank you. Motherhood is definitely a full time job, I’m trying my best to keep a healthy balance by teaching some classes in the morning and some in the evening, which gives me the best of both worlds. Morning playtime, evening bedtime snuggles and nursery rhymes at home and seeing my regular morning students as well as the regular evening faces.

How easy was it for you to return to your regular level of fitness post childbirth?

Not easy at all, but I presume it helped a lot that I kept active until week 39. I started moving through some very gentle yoga poses around 3 weeks postpartum. The first few weeks are tremendously hard, so I felt I needed to open my chest, feel the breath and get some movement through the spine. I then gradually built up my practice week by week. I do think my inversions came back quickly, although the core still had a lot of catching up to do. It had also been a while since I pushed my cardio so I really felt my fitness level had taken a big dive, but with lack of time to train as much as I used to, I embraced whatever came my way and I feel pretty strong now 5 months after.

Do you find it hard to manage your time now?

YESSSS, hehe … There’s a new boss in town and his name is Phoenix and all you can do is follow his sweet time and do your best to manage everything else you used to have all the time in the world for before. Multitasking is luckily something all women are good at, so it’s all good!

What advice would you give to other new mums looking to get back into shape?

Prioritize it into your schedule, find something you enjoy, if you can’t think of anything you enjoy, then just commit to something anyway and be patient. It takes a while to get back but you’ll get more energy and a lovely reward of endorphins to fight those baby blues that can so easily bring you down…

Did you have to reduce the intensity of your workouts in the build up to your birth?

Yes, pretty soon into my pregnancy I stopped the HIIT training, running, even walking didn’t agree with my pelvis, so I went over to weight lifting instead, which is something I never thought I’d be into, but it actually felt awesome. I felt invigorated, strong and kind of got hooked when I felt I could manage more weights each time.

What sort of physical strain did pregnancy put on you and what adjustments did you have to make?

I was lucky and didn’t have any particular pain anywhere. I just felt pretty nauseous in the first trimester so I allowed myself plenty of rest. Throughout the second and third trimester I felt much better, so I continued as before, (even handstands :)) apart from the obvious of lying on my front.

How do you intend to introduce your son to exercise and healthy living?

Ohhh.. I’m so excited to see what interests he will have. I’ve already started a bit by taking him to postnatal yoga and will take him to swimming lessons soon. I’m imagining he will be interested in a bit of everything; Martial arts, yoga, inversions and some heavy weight lifting with his Dad. The support will be there, no matter what he chooses.

In terms of food; what you learn from home you eventually pick up as an adult. We love our wholesome, seasonal, fresh, local fruit and veg and reduce salt, sugar and unhealthy fats… it’s easy when you’re active or train, you’re body will automatically ask for the good stuff.

What classes do you currently teach and how can people find you?

I teach Monday through to Saturday, beginners to advanced levels, some in the morning and some in the evening. You can find the yoga schedule with the teacher that teaches and description of the classes here:


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