Confessions of a Fit Mum …

Just in case you’re wondering ….

No, I don’t have it together all of the time!

The struggle of finding a balance in my life is very REAL. It’s tough being a mum, it’s tough being a wife, it’s tough trying to build something for yourself and it’s also tough trying to run a household. I have felt overwhelmed a number of times.

Piles of laundry have often been left on the sidelines whilst I photograph my latest food creation. Dishes have often been left in the sink as I rush out to get the kids to school on time and to make my morning gym class. Toys all over the floor? Yes I have those too. Ironing? I can never keep up! Yes I shout at times and I repeatedly dread “hyper-hour-before-bed” with a passion.

I am by no means the perfect mother and question my ways often. I worry a lot, I think too much and I put my whole heart and soul into whatever I do which quite frankly is exhausting most of the time.

Fitness keeps me sane and makes me feel good about myself so yes, I will share a picture of myself in a handstand, not because I am trying to show off, but because when I manage to hold that pose, even for a couple of seconds, I feel bloody good about myself – I have put the work in and it has paid off. I have succeeded in something that I love to do!

I really do try to eat healthily and have been experimenting with new ingredients and combinations for a while now. Very often meals are rejected by my kids and the effort I put in goes to waste, but I persist! Yes, I style my food because I thrive on creativity – it’s what makes me tick. I want to share pretty pictures with you to encourage you to try new things.

Via this community, I don’t mean to depict myself as “all-knowing” or “perfect”, far from it. I started this as a personal journey to encourage myself and in turn, others to be healthier and fitter – to remind ourselves about ourselves and to celebrate the victories, no matter how big or small, us mums achieve, to shed a little positivity and to share knowledge, to inspire. And I hope I have managed to touch, encourage or help a few mummies out there.

In general, I feel there is a need for mums to be honest with one another, to support each other and to help each other – truly engage with one another. As they say “everyone is fighting their own battle”, everyone is doing their best, everyone is trying to cope, so let’s all be kind!

Be kind, always ….

Sass x

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