Cross-Fit Pilates at Bodyworks

Have you heard about Bodyworks? Home of the core cages, 4 more’s and pulse 20’s? (regular class-goers will know what I’m talking about)

For the sake of those that don’t, let me break it down for you ….

Bodyworks is a fitness studio based in St Julians run by Bryn Kennard. Bryn has a degree in Sports Science from Loughborough University, qualified with Body Control Pilates 17 years ago and is Currently in his 4th year of a 5 year Masters in Osteopathy.

He is a firm believer in “working smart not hard” and Cross-Fit Pilates, the new concept class offered at Bodyworks, is all about utilizing “the core cage” (a free-standing gymnastics style wall bar unit, a masterpiece designed by Bryn himself) to do just that.

What is Cross-Fit Pilates?
Cross-Fit Pilates combines the best of Pilates with all the latest fitness styles and accessories. In doing so, it provides an endless selection of class combinations, always working under the umbrella that there is no such thing as bad exercise, only exercise done badly.

Expect to use Olympic rings, suspension trainers, bosu balls, reebok decks, yoga swings, battling ropes and much more.

Bodyworks is the only place in the world to be delivering these types of classes, combining the best of the fitness world, physiotherapy and biomechanics, it is truly an intelligent exercise option.

Let’s get some feedback shall we?

We recruited a handful of Fit Malta Mums to put these core cages to the test! Here is what they had to say after a few sessions with the main man himself ….

What are you looking for from an exercise class and does Cross-Fit Pilates deliver this? 

  1. Alexia Bannister: I was looking for a stronger & more challenging Pilates class. It comes across as such a strange combination but the two together are great!! The bars become your friends.
  2. Krystyna Cassar Torregiani: A process that will eventually leave me with a lean, toned (non-bulky) physique…and to release any stress the week brings with it.
  3. Janine Houghton: Looking to be toned, fit and strong. If I keep it up, it definitely will.
  4. Julia Valentino: A challenging class that helps in toning and strength. Cross-Fit Pilates definitely ticks all these boxes. I enjoyed every minute!

How would you describe this class?

  1. Alexia Bannister: The class is tough! You will definitely break a sweat and feel it for days after! I’m hoping that after the next few I’ll be able to wobble less after – but that pain says it was well worth it!
  2. Krystyna Cassar Torregiani: Fantastic…hard…I felt I might not walk again after the first class, but found that my body adapted relatively quickly to the aches and pains and plan to carry on attending the classes.
  3. Janine Houghton: The class is tough, you feel bruised the following day, but it’s also fun and varied.
  4. Julia Valentino: The class is tough and intense, however it is varied and targets all areas.

 What elements of the class have you enjoyed the most?

  1. Alexia Bannister: The added experience to a Pilates exercise enhanced by the cross-fit equipment makes it more fun, challenging and different!
  2. Krystyna Cassar Torregiani: I love the fact that we use our own body weight for most of the exercises.
  3. Janine Houghton: Mostly that it’s varied. It targets all areas and afterwards you feel great about having really pushed yourself.
  4. Julia Valentino: I enjoyed the fact that it is different to the usual class with the added use of the cross-fit bar / cage together with the rest of the equipment. It makes it more interesting and challenging.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being extremely effective, how would you rate Cross-Fit Pilates in terms of its effectiveness?

  1. Alexia Bannister: My whole body, especially my legs, can confirm the 10 I give it.
  2. Krystyna Cassar Torregiani: I’ve been to 3 out of 4 classes so far however I would give it 9 for effectiveness based on the way I think my body has responded to the exercises from one week to the next. Will give it a 10 when I get my abs for summer :).
  3. Janine Houghton: Definitely 10!!!
  4. Julia Valentino: Definitely 10! It is effective on all targeted areas. Totally recommend to anyone who wants to get fit and tone.

Thank you ladies, glad you enjoyed the experience!

If you would like to find out more about Bodyworks or to get involved follow them on their Facebook page; BODY WORKS or on Instagram @bodyworksmalta.

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