Earth Friendly Products Review

Brands such as Earth Friendly Products (ECOS) deserve to be in the limelight! Not only are they effective but also eco-friendly and good value for money! ECOS pride themselves in creating products that are safer for you, your family, and the environment – now there’s a mission statement to be proud of, don’t you think?

Along my journey through motherhood, I have become more aware as to what I use around the house in terms of cleaning products. I tend to value not only what gets the job done but I have also become mindful about what’s on the “inside” and how it impacts my family.

I have been using the following two products for a few months now (both of which are endorsed by Healthy Child, Healthy World, a movement that empowers parents to take action to protect children from harmful chemicals) and I have been desperate to share my feedback with you all…


FRUIT & VEG WASH; We eat A LOT of fruit and veg at home and I often worry that I haven’t washed away all the nasties before cooking/serving! It is important to wash your purchased produce before consumption and sadly washing with water alone is not going to do the trick! The official website of this product states that this wash removes “potentially harmful substances like pesticide residue, heavy metals, dirt, wax and insect parts.” – Fantastic right? I think so! In fact I have found that using this wash gives me peace of mind and it has swiftly become an essential on my shopping list! It is an all-natural, non-toxic spray with no after-taste and is also easy to use; Simply spray your fruit or vegetables and rinse thoroughly with water. It is widely available for purchase across Malta and Gozo and at €3.95 it doesn’t “cost the earth” (excuse the pun, I couldn’t resist!)



PARSLEY PLUS MULTI-SURFACE CLEANER; Let me start off by saying that I am in love with the way this plant-based cleaner smells! Each spray brings with it a fresh garden-like scent that brightens up my little apartment and uplifts my general mood! I like to use this on my kitchen counter tops, kitchen splash-back, to clean my fridge, hob area and surfaces that are usually utilized by my kids. (It can be used on any surface not harmed by water really) A little spray goes a long way with this cleaner, meaning a small amount is very effective and you won’t have to replace the actual bottle very often. It is a natural, non-toxic product and I feel great knowing that by using this I am helping to maintain a healthier and more sustainable home, lifestyle and environment. It retails at €4.15 and you can find this in quite a few supermarkets and most health shops around Malta and Gozo.

For more information about these products, where to buy them and to explore the full range, check out CORE GREEN: Eco Clean.

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