Everyday Fit Malta Mum: Krysta Soler

I have made it my mission to go out there and find Malta’s everyday fit mums and give them the recognition they deserve. It’s mums like Krysta who have inspired me to be more mindful about making health a priority and to be more aware of what I feed my family – in an attempt to properly nourish by making the right choices.

This time our everyday fit mum has been selected by YOU, our readers! So here she is, mummy with the most tags, Krysta Soler …..

Tell us more about yourself Krysta?

I’ m 36, married with 3 kids. My eldest Matt is 7, followed by Michelle age 5 and third is Maxine who is 3 years old. I’m a full time mother and also the brand manager of a range of natural and organic products.

Being fit and healthy is important to me so I like to encourage an active lifestyle. We all LOVE our food so I am constantly on the look out for new healthy and tasty recipes to cook for my family and myself! I am passionate about providing a healthier alternative no matter how complicated or time consuming it could be.

What led you to becoming so passionate about healthy living?

I was always conscious but becoming a mother is what really got me started. Since babies are so vulnerable, I would try my best to purchase products that are organic, natural and chemical free, in a quest to preserve their purity. This soon became a lifestyle that the whole family adopted!

What kind of healthy habits did your mother instill in you from a young age?

My mother is a health conscious person too and has always been keen to broaden our horizons. Her words of wisdom to a happy and healthy lifestyle are “everything in moderation”. She never incentivized an unhealthy diet! In fact, sugary enjoyments like soft drinks were never present at home. We were always allowed a daily treat, but all within moderation. My mother was always very patient with us and explained why we should avoid certain foods etc, thus setting us off on the right track. This is something that has rubbed off on me and I also find it best to teach the kids why we should adopt certain food habits! Kids are always keen to learn!

What is your favourite form of exercise?

Tough one, I like to mix it up; I love a balance of cardio, stretching and core fitness. I enjoy Yoga, Pilates, Spinning and also Swimming.

How important is health and fitness to you and your family?

Being married to an athlete has made living a healthy and fit lifestyle much easier. In fact it has become a family priority!!

What are your top 3 tricks to getting more fruit and vegetables into your childrens’ diets?

Do not make a distinction between food for kids and food for adults; I guess my best trick was offering my kids the same food as my husband and I. By 11 months latest, all 3 kids were totally off puréed food and always ate “adult food”. They were always keen to have what was on our plate so I took advantage of that. Somehow, making them feel at par with us kept them content!

Let their favourites take the spotlight; I also make it a point to work their favourite vegetables (like avacado and broccoli) into their meals, keeping them happy and at the same time ensuring a generous intake of weekly vitamins and nutrients.

The grater is your friend; Grating a variety of vegetables in sauces is always an easy way to up your kids’ intake of vegetables. Also it’s a good way to disguise vegetables if you are dealing with fussy eaters.

Name a couple of your most popular home-cooked dishes?

One of our family favourites is a comforting dish of baked wholegrain rice cooked with a Bolognese sauce that is 65% grated vegetables. I also make sweet potato and quinoa patties that the kids love to eat with a side of Greek yoghurt and raw carrot sticks. Chicken in “breadcrumbs” if often on the menu too (as a healthier option, I normally grind oats to coat instead of using breadcrumbs) and I serve with roast potatoes and steamed broccoli. We also like to eat fish (I normally cook white fish and avoid buying farmed) served with a side of quinoa salad. In terms of school lunches, I often make a batch of spelt wraps with a variety of fillings and one of our favourite snacks is banana pancakes (made from banana and egg only) which I serve with a portion of Greek yoghurt, honey and cinnamon. Last but certainly not least, especially in winter, is a bone broth with rice or noodles!

What, in your opinion, are some simple lifestyle changes one can make in order to become a fit and healthy mum

First and foremost I believe that it is really important to be organized! Plan your meals in advance so that you can shop wisely and with purpose and ensure less wastage.

It’s all about balance! Make time to exercise and be aware of what you eat.

And finally look out for healthy alternatives! Nowadays we are lucky to have a vast selection of organic products and you can even buy all-natural household cleaning products at affordable prices that are safer for your family and better for the environment. I am very passionate about this and we have even started to import a new range of such products called Bio-D which I am really excited about.

Complete the following – Happiness is … having peace of mind that my family and those dearest to me are in good health and kept safe!

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