Going nuts for Pip & Nut

Nut butter diaries ….

Eli, my eldest is 6 years old and a total nut butter junky.

The other day we were at the supermarket and he spotted the Pip & Nut nut butter range … he likes to play this game where he asks if he can buy this or that and he beats me to the answer by saying “no it’s unhealthy” and giggles to himself, priding himself in how well he knows me but secretly hoping for a yes.

Pointing directly at the Pip & Nut Smooth Almond Butter he yelled “Mummy can we get this?” … I quickly picked one up and scanned the ingredient list (99.5% almonds, 0.5% sea salt, that’s it AND no palm oil … yippeeeee). Excited I shouted back “YES” … he couldn’t believe his luck! “Are you serious? so its not unhealthy for you?” … jumping up and down and frantically pointing to the Pip & Nut Smooth Peanut Butter “so can I get this too?” … “and how about this? *Pip & Nut Crunchy Almond Butter* AND this? *Pip & Nut Crunchy Peanut Butter*” I thought to myself, what the hell  … “Yes, yes and YES!”

I literally made his day! Immediately he chucked them into our trolley before I could change my mind. At the cash he asked to hold them in his backpack and in the car he brought them out and placed them on his lap with the biggest grin on his face.

On the drive home, he was very quiet which I thought was odd. “Don’t open them in the car Eli”. “I’m not ma, but …. who’s PIP?” that’s my son …. ever-curious, always asking questions and won’t give up till he gets an answer. So we looked it up when we got home!

Turns out Pip is British, a young female athlete who started her own nut butter business. Her goal was to keep things healthy, clean and delicious. She started off by selling her products in local markets and in 2015 her nut butters made it to the shelves of Selfridges. Nowadays Pip & Nut products are sold all over the UK and even Europe. Wow, how cool is that!

Eli was delighted to learn that Pip was a runner, just like his daddy and immediately wanted to taste. We opened the Smooth Almond Butter and Eli spread it on a juicy red apple topped with blueberries. It went down a treat.

Now I mentioned that this is a natural product with absolutely no junk added which means that the oil in the nut butter will naturally separate and rise to the top so it is important to give the nut butter a good stir, that’s Eli’s job – he’s in charge of stirring till the desired consistency is achieved. “It’s ready now mum!”

If you didn’t already know, nut butters are a great source of healthy fats and a good source of protein and what’s great is that most kids, even the fussy ones like to eat them.

We love nut butter on lots of things …

  1. at breakfast we spread it on our pancakes
  2. we add it to our energy balls for pre-after school activity snacks
  3. on hot toasted bread with some home-made chia jam
  4. a dollop in our greek yoghurt
  5. with fresh fruit like slices of apple or on slices of banana
  6. on celery with raisins
  7. in hot oatmeal porridge
  8. in our smoothies
  9. for dipping sauces
  10. to make raw desserts, cookies and cakes
  11. AND EVEN STRAIGHT OUT OF THE JAR WITH A SPOON (when mummy is not looking)

The Taste Test …

Finally, we had to have a taste test to determine which nut butter Eli liked the best so out came all the jars again with four spoons and we got down to business. (We’ve just been watching re-runs of x-factor and Britain’s got Talent so we take judging very seriously!)

“Smooth Peanut Butter, It’s a YES from me!” giggled Eli …. “Good crunch, I’d like a spoonful of you with my yoghurt Mr. Crunchy Almond Butter” … “Two thumbs up for you Mr. Crunchy Peanut Butter” …. “Smooth Almond Butter, I don’t like you …. I LOVE you … I’m going to have to give you MY GOLDEN BUZZER” Taaaa daaaaaaaaaa

Thank you PIP & NUT you certainly made a little boy VERY happy!

*If all this talk of nuts has given you a hankering for nut butter, you are in luck, Pip & Nut products are available at all leading supermarkets across Malta and Gozo. For more information, please direct your queries to M&Z Ltd.

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