Have you heard about the ‘Morning Booster’?

We’ve been seeing these ‘Morning Booster’ events popping up here and there on social media and as health and fitness fanatics, we are intrigued! Fit Malta Mums has reached out to the ‘Morning Booster’ team to find out who is behind it all, we want to know more and we want in on the action!!!

So …… on behalf of all the Fit Malta Mums, please put our curiosity to rest, we are dying to know, who is behind the ‘Morning Booster’ phenomenon?

ANCHOVY. is behind the Morning Booster

We here at ANCHOVY. Understand how hard it can be to keep fit and have fun when you are a busy professional. Throw a couple of kids in the mix and it becomes extremely difficult to find time to exercise after work before exhaustion kicks in. So we thought why not 5:00am? Wake up, work-out in a fun environment, feel pumped for the rest of the day – sorted!

I absolutely LOVE this ‘Morning Booster’ idea of encouraging a healthy start to one’s day, can you tell us more about how it all started?

As an Agency we really believe in building our culture through well-being and exercise.

After researching ideas we were inspired by a series of parties that take place across the world and we wanted to bring this to Malta to completely flip the idea of a rave on its head. We thought how great throwing a morning rave replacing alcohol with fresh juice and healthy breakfasts.

Our aim is to positively energize the crowd before work. We want to leave people on a natural high to start their day.

We launched the first Morning Booster last summer and quite a few people turned up, I believe roughly a hundred. The next we organized saw 250 people and this third one should be the biggest one yet!

Amazing, where are these “healthy raves” being held and what can one expect if they show up?

The Morning Booster will be held at Tigullio in St Julians. The event starts at 05:00am on Friday the 17th February.

First we will have a session of Yoga (5.30am – 6.30am) or Pole Fitness (5.30am – 6.30am) depending on what suits your taste. Then we have a Dance Party for all from 6.30am – 8.00am. with XFM on the decks. Get your dancing shoes on and prepare to get fit to today’s top hits.

This is a place where you will have fun, get fit and socialize with like-minded people.

Ok, say no more, we’ll be there!! How can we get involved? Where do we get a ticket?

All you have to do is grab your FREE ticket here and show up at 05:00am on the 17th February!

Thanks guys!

Ladies what do you think? sounds fun right? Come and join us while the kids are still asleep, we’ll be back just in the time for the school run (They never even have to know!)

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