Introducing Gus; new contributor to Fit Malta Mums

New addition to the FMM Family!

Fit Malta Mums welcomes Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine Coach, Gus Grima from Be Marvellous as a new and regular contributor. We are extremely excited and honoured to have Gus on board. Please take a moment to read on and get to know her, we know you’re going to love her just as much as we do …

Hi I’m Gus. I was born in Malta and now live in London with my husband Chris and 2 boys Rocco (10) and Zeph (7).
I’m so excited to be sharing this space with you all and collaborating with Fit Malta Mums.

My training background is in health coaching, functional diagnostic nutrition and nutritional therapy. I’ve been a practitioner for nearly 3 years and also run online programs and organise health events and talks.

I’m fascinated by how much of an impact the way we eat and the daily habits we choose can either be a medicine or a poison for our health. I’m deeply respectful of how different we all are, how complex these incredible bodies of ours are and how much power we have as women when we remember that we are fully in charge of our own health and destiny…and we step up to that and own it with confidence.

What to expect from Gus?

I’ll be blogging about my musings on real food and fads, lifestyle as medicine, hormones, gut, immune system, detox, busting myths, showing up for ourselves and being the best version of ourselves, doTERRA essential oils and how they weave into every aspect of living a healthier, vital life.

Get to know her?

Favourite book? This changes a lot depending on the phase I’m going through and what is talking to me and connecting with me at any one time. Right now I am loving ‘Earth Is Hiring‘ by Peta Kelly.

Something you make time for every day? Breakfast and getting some essential oils in my diffuser.

What makes you the happiest? When I am prioritising time (to care) for myself, I am able to be much more fully present, kind, playful and centered towards my family, my business and all those who I co-create and collaborate with. This looks like regular meditation or breathing, journalling, cooking and moving my body in some way, especially in nature.
Laughing with people I love. Toes in the sand, warm sun on my face.

Three things you can’t live without? doTERRA essential oils, my blender (I love my breakfast smoothies) & cacao

What’s your “super-power”? This is a great question. I did a business training last year and one of the tasks I had to complete was to ask 15 people whose opinion I really valued what they thought my 3 superpowers were. It was a terrifying but enlightening exercise. Everyone’s responses were brilliantly insightful and made me realise that we all have a collection of superpowers, some may be more prominent than others. I guess my top 3 (sorry I can’t just put one) are a sense of adventure, comfortable with being uncomfortable and always working with integrity.

Living a healthy life means … being ok with putting myself and my needs first some of the time. Really tuning into my body. What it needs and wants changes all the time, on a monthly and even weekly basis. If I do this, I can tune into how best to serve myself in order to feel healthy – the food I want to eat, how much sleep I need, how much space I’m giving myself, how much playtime I’m getting, how much I’m moving my body, who I’m spending time with.

Words to live by? I love Brene Brown…”strong back, soft front, wild heart”

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