Introducing Julia, new contributor to Fit Malta Mums

Exciting news!

Our Fit Malta Mums family is growing and first to hop on board as a new and regular contributor is the beautiful Julia Ripard. This good-food lover, writer and chef has a keen interest in people and culture and has spent a lot of her time living and traveling abroad.

“I inherited my love for good food from my family and with that I developed an interest in the health and well being of myself, my community and the environment.

I was greatly influenced by the city life in Barcelona where I was based during my university studies. I have since been keen to implement the community culture that is so established there, as in most cities, here in Malta. I believe that Malta has so much potential and as a community we have far to go to keep up with the structural development of the country.

I’d like to help create the community life that I wish to be part of and I think that we all have the responsibility to contribute to that in whatever way we can.”

Julia runs an Instagram blog called Good Food Living where she shares her story and understanding of what it means to live a good, healthful and happy life. She is also working on another exciting project and will soon be launching a trendy wine bar in Valletta called Cru.

What to expect from Julia?

This collaboration creates the space for me to delve further into the topics that I touch on in the Instagram posts I write on Good Food Living. These discussions involve my take on eating for good health, advice on choosing the diet that works best for you, and my discoveries of ingredients, recipes and cooking techniques that I’ve picked up along the way.

It also gives me the opportunity to explore the holistic picture that is good, healthy living and to talk about topics related to diet and wellness on a broader scale.

Here we plan to involve individuals who have specialised in certain areas of expertise when it comes to a holistic health approach, and whether it’s an interview or through a workshop, we hope to give the reader enough knowledge and encouragement to get started, or to continue on their personal journey towards living a life of health and wellness.

Get to know her …

Favourite book?  I have hundreds!!! … Tuesdays with Morrie Mitch Albom and The Prophet Khalil Gibran (my bible)

Something you make time for every day? The five Tibetan rites (my morning exercise) & breakfast!

What makes you the happiest? Sitting round the table enjoying a wonderful meal with the people I love.

Three things you can’t live without? Something to write with, something to read and a nail file!

What’s your “super-power”? I’m very easy-going and adaptable. I can adjust to most situations and I pick up skills and techniques very quickly – I love being my own teacher!

Living a healthy life means … Loving and respecting yourself and the world around you, cultivating your passion daily, letting go of what no longer serves you and being as true to yourself as you can be.

Words to live by? I have many, but these are guiding  me most right now; “In the end only three things matter; how much you have loved, how gently you have lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

All images by David Zammit

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