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Fit Malta Mums welcomes Health Coach, Nadine from lifestyle blog Nadisunshine as a new and regular contributor. Nadine is a qualified Holistic Health Coach with the New York Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

This mindful mum grew up in the mountains and comes from a place called Tyrol in Western Austria. She has been living in Malta for almost 8 years with her husband, her 2 year old daughter Zoe and another little one is expected to join the family come May. (Congrats!) She is a self-proclaimed foodie, yogi and life-lover with a passion for cultivating a holistic healthy lifestyle for herself and her family.

Apart from her blog, she has created a Mindful Mum community with Sarah Lennon from Pre and Post Natal Yoga and together they run a series of yoga and healthy food workshops designed for new mums and mums-to-be. Their upcoming event is a Mindful Birth Partner Workshop which is taking place on the 2nd December at 10:30am.

What to expect from Nadine?

Let me start off by answering a question that many of you may have …

What is a Holistic Health Coach for Integrative Nutrition? A health coach encourages “health care” in order to reduce “sick care” by acting as a support system to help clients feel their best by focusing on food and lifestyle changes. Health coaches take a holistic approach to supporting their clients by drawing up individualized programs that go beyond nutrition by also considering factors like; relationships, exercise, career and spirituality.

My goal is to educate readers on holistic health. I will be sharing articles that may be related to food but also to other topics that are crucial in order to live a happy and healthy life.

Get to know her?

Favourite book? Oh my there are so many. I love a number of cook books for inspiration! Even though I don’t stick to recipes very often, I love to collect beautiful cookbooks and draw inspiration for new dishes out of them. I must say it is often easier to use the web if you’re on the search for something quick but I just love to collect actual books. Among my favourites are Honestly Healthy and Crazy Sexy Diet which explain the “healthy basics” in a simple and interesting way. Also My New Roots and Deliciously Ella’s cookbooks. I also enjoy books about self-development and spirituality, Gabby Bernstein’s especially. And of course I love the occasional novel, but unfortunately there isn’t much time for that anymore since my little sunshine was born 2 years ago. Recently I went to a weekend yoga retreat in Gozo and got my hands on a book called Us by David Nicholls which I truly enjoyed. I read it every evening before bed and I promised myself to make time to read more novels again.

Something you make time for every day? Some meditation and/or yoga.

What makes you the happiest? Spending time with family and friends, having my home in order (I am a big believer in the Feng Shui principle “order outside, order inside”), time in nature and a yummy healthy meal (especially when my daughter Zoe likes it too).

What’s your “super-power”? I think I have quite strong coping skills. I was quite independent from an early age, I helped my mum with keeping the house in order, cooking (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!) and also the fact that I’m an optimist (most of the time), not giving up, always trying to find ways to make a negative situation better, to get out of it and learn from it. I’d say lots of my family and friends appreciate this about me, even though it’s sometimes also the opposite of a super-power for myself, as I tend to care and worry a lot about others, and then hold myself back when I’m the one who needs support or cheering up. That’s why self-love and self-care is such an important part of Holistic Health Coaching!

Living a healthy life means … Feeling nourished inside and out. We are so much more than what we eat. I believe in the holistic approach of being healthy and happy. During my studies to become a Holistic Health Coach, we learned about the principles of primary foods like love, relationships, physical exercise, career, home environment etc. and secondary foods (the actual food on our plates). Without balanced Primary foods, we can eat all the healthy food in the world and not be healthy and happy. That’s why I love this holistic approach so much! It made me realise that I needed to have a proper look at all these areas of life, to try to improve them. That’s what I offer to my clients, too. 

Words to live by? “There always has to be something to look forward to”. (Eduard Moerike) and “Just breathe”. The power of breathing deeply and consciously can make such a tremendous difference in your daily life and can help so much to keep in tune!

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