Introducing Sasha; new Contributor to Fit Malta Mums

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well!”

And jumping on board to make sure that we do is the gorgeous Sasha Edlebi. (Check out her mouth-watering Instagram here.)

Yes, I know, we’ve been quiet on the food front lately and we do know that you miss your dose of recipes coming through (I’ve had many complaints, sorry), so we called in one of our favourites to help us out! (do you forgive me now?)

You ready for her? Here she is …

Hi there, my name is Sasha, Mum to 2 year old Lily and full time nurse. I’m Maltese born but have spent a lot of time traveling, whilst living mostly in Malta and spending summers in New York. I come from a beautifully multicultural family including a Lebanese American dad as well as English and Italian grandparents. I attended an international school and have spent the best days of my youth with people of all nationalities and walks of life.

My love for cooking was instilled in me at a very young age by my parents. Fragrant Lebanese and Mediterranean Fusion dinners were the norm and our kitchen always smelt wonderfully of spices. I was that kid that showed up at school with crazy lunches!

I’ve recently tuned into my passion for food, cooking and all things nutritious. Being Coeliac and raising an extremely fussy eater has put my abilities to the test. Working to instill in my daughter a love for good food has been a challenge, but in turn it has awakened an awareness and desire to take my passion for good food to another level and inspire families and individuals to do the same. If you have a fussy eater rest assured that you are not alone!

What to expect from Sasha?

Yummy meals, incorporating fresh produce into your everyday cooking and making it simple too. Less processed food, more made from scratch and with lots of love too.

Get to know her?

Favourite book? This is tough because I have so many – Kahlil Gibran ‘ The Prophet’, Dave Pelzer’s entire collection, Torey Hayden ‘Silent Boy’. Would you think less of me if I told you that I read every Harry Potter book at least 6 times?

Something you make time for every day?  I went back to work when Lily was 9 months old. It was great to find myself again through my work, but it was a struggle to find a balance between work – home – family – responsibilities and fun. Before starting my work day I give myself 30 minutes with a coffee, a good book or my favorite music. That momentary peace helps me start my day with the right mindset, especially when working a very chaotic job.

What makes you the happiest? Being in nature, escaping the humdrum of ‘city’ life, traffic and noise pollution. Give me a picnic basket, an open field and a nice breeze any day. The sound of birds, the sea and feeling the sun on my face.

Three things you can’t live without? Good sleep. Tea! Time outdoors in nature with my little one and hubby.

What’s your “super-power”? Coping with night duties and coming home to a little one. Keeping focused in highly stressful work situations. Multitasking to no end 🙂

Living a healthy life means.. Less processed foods and drinks. Making meals from scratch (no need to read ingredient lists!) Being outdoors and active daily. Making time to nurture your mental health and care for yourself.

Words to live by? For me right now I feel it’s ‘Life is short..’ so leave your laundry pile up a little higher, don’t worry if the house is messier than you’d like. Get out, make memories and laugh as much as possible. Another favorite quote – ‘Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair’, Kahlil Gibran

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