Lafe’s Natural Deodrant Review

As you may know by now, we are in constant pursuit of new natural products and we love, nothing more, than to review them in order to help you, our valued reader, make an informed purchasing decision.

We often get asked about “natural deodorants” … “Do they actually work? Which do you recommend?” So when we came across a brand called Lafe’s, that specializes in natural and organic bodycare, we jumped at the opportunity to try out their deodorants and who better to recruit on our research team than super active and fit mum, Samantha Calascione?

Sam has been trying out one of Lafe’s natural deodorants for a while now, so we caught up with her last week to find out how she’s getting on …

Sam, what does a typical day look like for you?

My day normally starts in a mad rush preparing breakfast for all the family and getting Jack ready and dropped off at school on time. Once I drop him off, I dedicate a couple of hours to myself which typically starts with a strong coffee, followed by a workout at the gym. Then it’s time to run errands and get lunch and dinner prepared. Afternoons can be pretty hectic trying to keep up with my son’s social calendar, so it normally consists of me rushing about in the scorching heat!

Would you say that Lafe’s Natural Deodorant Spray has succeeded in keeping up with your active lifestyle?

Yes I would say so. I’m very happy with it. In fact, I usually carry it around with me, in my bag, to re-apply as and when I need to.

Which Lafe’s deodorant have you been using?

It’s called “Soothe” – the Lavender and Aloe one.

What do you like most about it?

I really like the fact that it dries quickly after application, it has a nice mild lavender scent to it too and it’s a “safe” product that doesn’t contain any Aluminum, Propylene glycol or artificial fragrances.

How does it compare with other products you have used?

My skin is sensitive so I’m always on the hunt for a less harsh and more natural deodorant. Many natural ones I’ve tried seem to work initially but become less effective after a few months. I’ve found that, for me, this isn’t the case with Lafe’s.

Is using a natural deodorant important to you and why?

Yes, it is. Well, for a start, the lymphatic system carries wastes from inside the body through the pores of our skin. The sweat literally ‘pours’ out toxins from inside the body through the pores on our skin, with the largest pores being found in our armpits. I am very conscious of what I use on my armpits on a daily basis and always check that the list of ingredients are safe. Some studies have shown that harsh chemicals found in commercial deodorants and antiperspirants can actually have damaging effects on the body, so I try to keep it natural as much as possible.

Would you buy another product from this same brand?

Absolutely! I’ve actually already spotted their Insect Repellent spray and given that mosquitos seem to have a thing for both me and my little one, I’d like to give this spray a shot too.

That’s quite a review Sam, thank you!

We’d also like to add that Lafe’s mission is to “create a genuine and authentic natural personal care brand that promotes sustainable living and support a strong commitment to environmental stewardship by creating products consumers trust and are affordable to all.”

The company has a 1% Project scheme through which 1% of the profit from every sale is donated to support breast cancer prevention and environmental awareness.

Lafe’s is also certified as a B Corporation, meaning  that it meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. “Certified B Corporations are leading a global movement to redefine success in business, using business as a force for good.”

Lafe’s products can now be purchased locally in leading supermarkets, pharmacies and health shops throughout Malta. Find out more information on their local Facebook page.

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