Learn to Headstand; Part 2

Fit Malta Mums has teamed up with the lovely Anchelique Fjœre to bring you a 3-part video tutorial on HOW TO headstand!

Roll out your mats and get ready to discover the wonderful world of inversions …..


  1. Downward dog (hold for 5 breaths)
  2. Dolphin pose (hold for 5 breaths)
  3. Knee tucks to chest x 10
  4. Leg lifts x 10
  5. Leg lifts into knee tucks x 10
  6. Rest in Child’s Pose for 5 breaths
  7. Forearms down, lift head x 8 (Grab your elbows, making sure they are shoulder distance apart before opening your forearms and interlacing your fingers to place your head snuggly inside. Push your forearms into the floor and lift your head up as you push the shoulders away from your ears the whole time.)
  8. Lift your head, lower it back to the floor, leg raise, knee tuck x 10 (alternating left and right)
  9. Rest in Child’s pose
  10. Bridge pose (hold for 5 breaths) – Lie down with your feet hip distance apart, lift your hips, wiggle your arms and shoulders closer together under your back and interlace fingers including palms, if possible. Breathe in and exhale reaching chest to chin.
  11. Low lunge and forward fold (both sides) – Low lunge, place the front foot in line with the knee, lower the hip forward as you grab elbows over the head and reach the heart up and back. Step to the front and fold over with your knees bent and sway any tension out of the shoulders and neck. Step back and repeat the lunge on the left. Step forward, interlace fingers behind your back, stay for a few breaths and gently release.

Repeat this every day for a week to build strength to be able to move on to the FINAL phase!

Tune in next Saturday, the 15th October for the 3rd and final video!

If you enjoy inversions and would like to get involved, why not give Anchelique’s Yoga Playshop Series a try?


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