Learn to Headstand; Part 3

Fit Malta Mums has teamed up with the lovely Anchelique Fjœre to bring you a 3-part video tutorial on HOW TO headstand!

Roll out your mats and get ready to discover the wonderful world of inversions …..


Make sure you’re nicely warmed up before you start these inversions.

 Step 1:

  1. Place yourself with the wall behind you, walk the feet up the wall into an L-SHAPE
  2. Lift one leg straight up, then swap sides

Step 2:

  1. Have the wall behind you, walk into a bent knee balance, hugging the knees into the chest. (Hold here for a while) Then straighten the right leg up and then swap legs. Slowly bend both legs back to knee balance and bring the legs down to the ground.
  2. Reset the foundation, reach right leg up until you lift off the floor, repeat with the other leg.
  3. Pike the legs up, use the wall for support if need be.

Step 3: (Ready to come away from the wall??)

  1. Repeat STEP 2 without the wall behind you.

Final Stretch:

  1. Eagle arms, draw the shoulders down (hold for 5 breaths) into twist (hold for 5 breaths)
  2. Repeat on the other side
  3. Stretch your head to each side
  4. Camel pose (hold for 5 breaths)
  • easy version: keep the hands on your lower back, draw the elbows together as you keep shifting the hips forwards and lifting the heart up and backwards
  • harder version: reach for your heals, expand the chest up and back and you shift the hips forwards, to avoid dumping into the lower back.

Finally come into child’s pose, take as many breaths as you wish 🙂


Go back to the foundations and repeat the series until you feel more comfortable and stable. It took me a lot of practice to get where I am, so have patience, FUN and keep at it xx

If you enjoy inversions and would like to get involved, why not give Anchelique’s Yoga Playshop Series a try?


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