Why I’ve chosen Mineral over Chemical sunscreen this Summer

Can you feel it?

Summer is most definitely in the air … and if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been to the beach a few times already, but the question is; have you upped your game in the sun care department yet?

It’s about to get seriously HOT, the UV is set to soar and soon we will all be frantically looking to stock up on the almighty “sunblock” to protect our nearest and dearest. Yes, I think it’s safe to say we’ve established the importance of sunscreen, but I have recently found out, that it is just as important to make an informed decision when choosing which type to use! (No time to research? Don’t panic … I’ve done it for you – you can thank me later!)

As you may know by now, I have been trying to go down the less toxic route as much as possible; so when there is the option for a more natural and organic alternative, I am all for giving the product a chance to win me over. Enter Organii Sun Milk.

Did you know?

There are two types of sun protection you can buy; Chemical vs. Mineral.

The first uses chemical filters to protect you from the sun’s rays by absorbing UV radiation like a sponge, while the second acts as a physical shield between you and the sun, so those UV rays bounce right off you!

Mineral sun protection, (also known as physical sunscreen) relies on zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide to physically block the UV from getting to the skin. These mineral active ingredients don’t break down as readily in the sun, which basically means greater protection for longer.

Physical sunscreen is naturally broad spectrum, meaning it protects against both UVA and UVB rays but in the case of Chemical sunscreens, multiple ingredients have to be combined to achieve the same effect so, in general, they can sometimes be more irritating to the skin.

I’ve been using Organii Sun Milk so far, a new organic product to hit the local shelves, that is suitable for both children and adults. Organii products are sourced from “ethical manufacturers” and “certified natural and organic with conscientious packaging.” They are also Vegan and free from Parabens and Colourings.

Unlike chemical sunscreens, that usually take around 20 minutes to work once applied, Organii Sun Milk protects your skin immediately upon application. It has a fluid consistency, is easy to apply and has thus far worked its magic seeing as none of us have got burnt. Hurray!

(Organii Sun Milk is available in an SPF of 50, 20 and 15 and as an introductory offer, a complimentary After Sun Cream is being offered with every sunscreen purchased.)

If you wish to make the switch to a mineral sunscreen, you could give Organii Sun Milk a go! You will be able to find this product in Pharmacies and top health shops across Malta and Gozo.

This Organii range is distributed by MINT, a rapidly growing organization made up of professionals coming from the health sector, particularly focused on natural health and wellness.

Should you wish to find out more about MINT or this particular product, you may contact Martina via email at or call her directly on +356 79302440.

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