New on the Scene! Natural Skincare Mumpreneur, Elleria Janas

Elleria Janas, more affectionately known as “Ellie” is a mumpreneur to watch. This vivacious lady is the face behind the recently launched Natural Skincare brand Ellie & Carl. We feel privileged to have been amongst the lucky few to have sampled her fabulous products pre-launch at the SHE Malta Event earlier this February and are excited to watch this beautiful woman breathe life into her new Natural Skincare brand.

Get to know Ellie …

Born and raised: Born in Turkey, raised in Sweden. Now living in Malta, after having lived in Cyprus for 2 years.

Kids: 4 children … 3 boys and a girl

Coffee or tea: Both! Usually it’s coffee first thing in the morning and a cup of Chamomile tea in the evening.

Currently reading: My head is always buried in one of my skincare books but I’m about to start “And the Mountains Echoed” by Khaled Hosseini recommended to me by a friend.

Favourite hobby: Boating in Stockholm in the summer (exploring new islands and enjoying old favourites.) I love to immerse myself in the beauty of nature, the sense of peacefulness it brings and to be able to lose track of time.

Favourite food: Pad Thai, Chocolate and Liquorice.

Hidden talent: I can play the drums (I think?)

Previous profession: I am a qualified nurse and have worked at both the emergency psychiatric ward and gastrointestinal ward for a few years during my time studying for a Masters Degree in Business Finance. I worked for 10 years at Grona Lund, a well-known amusement park in Stockholm, as the manager for the in-house bank and accounting office.

On Ellie & Carl …

What inspired you to start making your own natural skincare line?

It all began thanks to my love affair with essential oils. I discovered a whole new world that excited me and with that I developed a new-found respect for Mother Nature and all the treasures she provides us with. Immediately I wanted to learn more and stumbled across a fantastic award-winning, accredited Natural and Organic Skincare School in the UK and that was that. I enrolled myself into the International Organic Skincare Entrepreneurs program with Formula Botanica and have had wonderful teachers and an amazing team supporting and helping me throughout my education process.

What is the story behind your brand?

For many years I dreamt of creating my own business. I had a good career before we had our first child and I was a stay-at-home mum for 4 years after that. When we were expecting our third, I developed an interest in botanicals and I just knew in my heart that this is what I wanted to do! This is what I had been waiting for! Every free minute I had, I spent studying and experimenting.

Creating the brand and developing the product range took a lot of time and I was faced with many a challenge. But I feel so proud with the outcome and what I have achieved.

My family means everything to me and they are also my biggest supporters. My husband helps and supports me in whatever direction I choose to take. I wanted our children to feel part of this new venture. I wanted to teach them that if they find something they believe in and if they are willing to work hard for it, they can make it happen!

Ellie & Carl represent the names of my husband, our children and myself. We are all in this together.

Can you give us some insight into the range of products that you sell?

We have collections for different skin requirements. Age Zero for mature skin, Balance for oily and combination skin, Sensitive Care for sensitive skin. We also have a Mum To Be Collection and Mini Ellie & Carl for the little ones, a Body and a Mind Care collection with aroma blends. And more exciting products are on their way into the Ellie & Carl product family as well.

Did you take classes before creating your own beauty blends?

Yes, I am a certified Natural and Organic Skincare Formulator and I have studied for almost 4 years to be able to create different product formulas. I have learnt all about each ingredient’s chemical composition and safety, how to perform stability tests and to work with good manufacturing practice as a routine.

What are some of your favorite skincare ingredients to work with and why?

One of my favourites is Lavender essential oil because of its beautiful and versatile aroma. It has an abundance of skincare benefits too. Another essential oil that ranks high on my list is Ylang Ylang thanks to its gorgeous aroma and amazing properties, particularly its antiseptic quality. I also feel I should mention Olive Squalane which we use in all our face and eye serums to improve the moisture balance and elasticity of the skin, leaving it just the right combination of silky and smooth.

Do you face any challenges?

There have been many challenges that we have had to work through. The formulating and safety assessment processes are lengthy and very time consuming. Between conception and finished product, lies a sea of planning, tremendous effort and a whole lot of administration. I have had to learn to be patient, to give things the right amount of time needed to evolve in the proper way. It has been challenging, yet rewarding, to move at a slow and steady pace to ensure a solid platform for future growth.

Could you talk us through the process of creating a product from start to finish?

  1. The inspiration for creating a product is twofold. It either comes from troubleshooting a problem that needs to be addressed or from discovering an exciting ingredient and thinking how to use it in a new product.
  2. We have an idea of what ingredients would work and then research commences in order to find the best qualified ingredients for the specific need the product is created for. We compare the ingredients to little workers that are being put together to form a team with a specific job at hand.
  3. A formula is then created by calculating the essential oil dermal limits and the research information about the chemical composition of the different ingredients.
  4. When the formula is ready a small first batch is made to verify how it smells and how it feels on the skin. The process is repeated until the desired result is achieved.
  5. Next come the stability tests for heat, cold and sunlight exposure. These tests determine the shelf life of the products.
  6. A laboratory approves the formulas, the dermal limits for the essential oils, the stability tests, the manufacturing routines we have etc. We then get a CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report) for the product.
  7. When the products are approved they win a place in the Ellie & Carl product family.

How can our readers get their hands on your products?

Currently our products are available exclusively online via our web shop at Ellie & Carl

Thank you Ellie!

Ellie & Carl creates handcrafted, powerful and high quality products with a sense of luxury. Inspired by people, provided by nature.

To keep up with Ellie and her new Natural Skincare brand Ellie & Carl follow her on Instagram or Facebook.


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