New Superheroes of Kindness

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has participated in our Kindness Campaign for kids. A campaign inspired by the book We’re the New Superheroes.

The aim of this campaign was to celebrate kids who share kindness in an attempt to empower others to do the same. We asked you to share your stories with us and now we’d like to share three of these fabulous stories with you ….

Lily:  19 months old

“You might wonder how a 19 month old kiddo could be the vessel for a kindness campaign, in Lily’s case it seems to come naturally. We live in an old school area of town, what I mean is that it’s a typical village mentality in the best of ways. There’s truly a sense of community, where your neighbour offers to collect your gas, do your shopping or help clean your house.

Still, the reality is that many of our older generation are living alone and spend most of their days alone. They’re not tech savvy and can’t connect with loved ones on social media, television keeps them company. Research indicates that our elderly are becoming more isolated, with more than 50% of the elderly stating that they feel lonely. This hits home more so now, with Christmas around the corner.

But there is a happy note in here. Because this is where Lily comes in, and she loves her neighbours. She is a confident kid, already a people person. We make sure to stop by our neighbours’ house after preschool, and bring some noise to their otherwise quiet lives. Lily gets lots of attention and cuddles, and their faces light up to see her running towards them.

Kindness doesn’t have to be a big gesture. Connecting with an individual on a deeper level and impacting their life for the better is, in my opinion, a kindness worth sharing.”

Benjamin: 6 years old

“Here’s the story of my son’s act of kindness. I have always been taught that charity is best done behind closed doors, so it was kind of difficult to share this but if it will encourage others to follow suit then I thought it a good enough reason to share. I am very proud of him because the idea was all his.

Last April, Benjamin, who was 5 at the time, expressed a wish to go to Africa and build a school there. He was also very concerned about cancer patients due to a local fundraising campaign on the local media.

Already proving to be a little entrepreneur, he came up with the idea of writing a book, printing and selling copies for donations in aid of the above causes to family and friends. So far he has written two books and raised around €70 in donations for his two objectives; Puttinu Cares (Rainbow Ward which is now part of the Oncology Centre) and Marie Midolo Foundation (in aid of a school in Kenya). His two books are called The Kind Knight and The Lost Ring. (We are still in the process of selling out the second book.)”

Sienna & Viv: 6 years old

“After months of planning, Sienna and her best friend Viv set up a lemonade and popcorn stand to raise money for an amazing organization that adopts abandoned and abused horses, RMJ’s Horse Rescue. They are both horse-crazy, so this was a cause very dear to them. Teaching the girls about charity and compassion towards others is so important to us and we couldn’t be more proud of their hard work and generosity.

They raised a whopping €92 and were so happy to give the money to RMJ founder, Korin, and this chestnut beauty, Marzipan. The money raised by the girls will help provide food and vet visits for the many rescue horses. The girls were also treated to a ride on Totti, played with the farm dogs, and gave countless hugs and kisses to any horse they could find.”

Well done kids! How inspiring, you should be very proud of yourselves …

Each one of these new superheroes will be receiving a copy of  We’re the New Superheroes as a token of our appreciation of their kindness.

We’re The New Superheroes is an interactive book that shows kids that they are equipped with a marvelous collection of ten super powers and that just like their favourite superheroes they too are bold, bright and brave individuals who can make a real difference.

“No act of Kindness is too small. The gift of kindness may start as a small ripple that over time can turn into a tidal wave affecting the lives of many.”

Let’s teach our kids the importance of being kind and help to cultivate a culture of kindness.

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