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I loved meeting Emily Grimaud, the woman behind “Oh So Yummy”, a local company that produces healthy snack bars. This young lady has it all under control; from full-time mummying to contributing to a healthier Malta via her own business – She definitely gets a huge thumbs up from me ….

Emily, tell us a bit about yourself …

I have a toddler who is two and a half and is the absolute light of my life. I was born in London and moved to Malta when I was little. After studying at ITS focusing on culinary arts, I travelled for a little while and moved to London to work in some really amazing restaurants. I love love love food, all types, any cuisines, I may be a bit obsessed. For me-time, I love a good bottle of wine, I love to read, travel and I love little adventures; be it a picnic or a little hike. I think variety is the spice of life!

When did you become passionate about healthy eating?

I have loved cooking ever since I can remember and have always been involved in the catering industry. My first ever job was baking cookies! Healthy eating really hit me when I fell pregnant.. I realised what a load of junk we put in our bodies, simply because there aren’t a lot of alternatives available or we just don’t have the time. I have heard many excuses but so far none that justify the substitution.

What is “Oh So Yummy” and how did it all begin?

Oh So Yummy is a brand that I’ve been working on for the past year and a half. The aim has always been to grow OSY into a household brand name. As I mentioned before, I love to cook, so it was almost natural to me to combine my love of cooking and a business concept. After many trial runs, a series of obstacles and a lot of determination on my part, Oh So Yummy was born.

What is the concept behind the brand?

As a brand, Oh So Yummy is set out to become synonymous with healthy eating in Malta. The idea that there was not one single granola bar that did not contain either high amounts of processed sugars or a ridiculous amount of preservatives really freaked me out and I was determined to change that. The concept was to create a delicious and convenient snack that nourishes our body and is, of course, YUMMY 🙂

Do you have a team helping you out or do you manage everything by yourself?

My team consists of a few different people who I would be lost without. As a start-up business, I outsource a few important duties. Distribution and design are both outsourced. I recently met an amazing lady Becky who does the day-to-day errands and I have another two lovely people who help me when I need an extra hand. I also have a mentor who I turn to before taking any serious decisions. I truly believe in teamwork, that we achieve better results when we work together.

Run us through what you do on a daily basis ….

My week is always planned during the weekend, either on a Friday evening or on a Sunday morning; whenever I get the chance. I am up early everyday to get a head start on lunch-making, breakfast and a mandatory (BIG) mug of coffee. After the day-care run, I’ve either got sales meetings to attend, I help in packing the snack bars or work on marketing. I try to split my days in order to be as efficient as possible. After I pick up my son from day-care we spend the afternoon together; playing, cooking, doing housework, going out and all the exciting things that go hand-in-hand with being a mother. I make sure I allow myself a girly night as often as I can manage, we all need girly nights.

How many different types of healthy snack bars do you produce?

We have 5 different flavoured granola bars at the moment. These flavours are ; chocolate and hazelnut, cranberry and pistachio, almond and date, cinnamon and raisins and our newest flavour being coconut and walnut. As a chef, taste is super important to me; I have managed to come up with a few standard flavours and a couple of quirky ones too!

Can you share 3 top tips for like-minded mum entrepreneurs like yourself?

I could say the usual things…. believe in yourself, work hard etc. but I would rather keep it real:

  1. Stop feeling guilty: I know I fight this feeling everyday, you are doing great, let your kid watch that extra half an hour of TV if you need to catch up on those emails, share the responsibility with your partner and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.
  2. Live in the moment: Creating and running a business is difficult, if it was easy, everyone would do it. Doing that AND keeping up a family is MAD ! 🙂 Balance is key.. create a schedule and stick to it but don’t feel bad if you need to twist it around every now and again
  3. Find pleasure in the small things: The unexpected hug from your kids, a compliment from a client. The 10 minutes of peace before the kids are up, the glass of wine after the kids are down. Treasure it, you are lucky to be doing what you are doing. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful everyday.

Do you have any exciting future plans for Oh So Yummy that you’d like to share with us?

We do have plenty of things in the pipeline; For Christmas, we’ve worked really hard to create Christmas baskets (The Healthy Basket) in conjunction with 2 local-businesses. They are super delicious and affordable, the perfect gift for all.
We are also working on a brand new snack, focusing on school lunchboxes. Some exciting news is that this will not contain nuts so woohoo mummies! Our aim is to promote healthy eating for our little ones. The plan is to expand our family of outlets throughout Malta and Gozo, to make it easier for us mummies and daddies to make the healthy choice for us and our kids.

For more about OSY, follow Emily’s Oh So Yummy Facebook Page or on Instagram @ohsoyummymalta

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