Organyc Product Range Review

Fit Malta Mums approached 3 women to find out their take on a variety of products from the Organyc range, here is what they each had to say;

  1. Ladies, tell us a bit about yourselves …
    • Stephanie Cassar Reynaud; I am 46 years old and married. I am passionate about food and fitness. I love to cook, create food and I also love Pilates, Yoga and going to the gym. I tend to a few properties as a landlady and I absolutely adore my beagle Jack!
    • Tacha Zammit; I am a digital marketing Gen X 36 year old mum of 3 Gen Z kiddies, love photography, travelling and the simple things in life.
    • Stephanie Hodgkins; I am 30 and married. I run my own beauty and make-up salon which keeps me very busy. My husband Adrian and I became parents this year, we were blessed with a son, Erik (currently 6 months old) which means I am also a full time mum which I absolutely love! My other profession is modeling. Life is busy but fun!
  2. Do you generally make a conscious effort to buy organic food and other organic products?
    • Stephanie Cassar Reynaud; Yes I do as I have learnt through the years that natural products are so beneficial to our body. I love to experiment and try new products and try as best as I can to cook healthy meals. I even saw the very beneficial results of homeopathy on my body.
    • Tacha Zammit; I try to buy organic products when needed and when I feel it makes a difference. A few examples of what I’d buy: milk as I’d like to avoid the artificial growth hormones and pesticide-laden GMO feeds that regular milk contains, Celery and other vegetables or fruit which have high pesticide residues. Deodorants that do not contain aluminum. Pads and tampons because I find I react to the chlorine used to bleach synthetic ones.
    • Stephanie Hodgkins; Yes it’s something I look out for.
  3. After having tried Organyc’s range of all-natural products do you feel that these 100% organic products work just as well as their synthetic alternatives?
    • Stephanie Cassar Reynaud; I am so satisfied with Organyc and so happy I bumped into Krysta setting up her stand and she introduced me to the product. I was not happy with what I was buying and even asked my Gynecologist if she could recommend an alternative. Luckily I met Krista that day.
    • Tacha Zammit; They do the job just as well as any of the past brands I’ve bought.
    • Stephanie Hodgkins; Definitely you can’t tell the difference but the fact that they are organic makes me feel even better when using them on myself and on my baby.
  4. What do you feel are the benefits to you when using Organyc’s 100% organic products instead of synthetic ones? 
    • Stephanie Cassar Reynaud; There are many benefits in applying organic products to your body and what I have noticed is that when I don’t use organic products my body reacts to the other products. We should always listen to our own bodies so the tell tale signs say it all.
    • Tacha Zammit; I find synthetic pads and tampons extremely irritating, making that time of the month even more unpleasant than it already is. Using Organyc products made it so much more comfortable and carefree. I also like the fact that my body isn’t absorbing some horrible bleach which would have otherwise been used for synthetic ones.
    • Stephanie Hodgkins; No harmful chemicals are involved and they are much safer to use. I have sensitive skin and with these organic products I get no irritation.
  5. Would you consider moving away from using brand name products given the option of an affordable, chemical free organic product?
    • Stephanie Cassar Reynaud; Yes, I am so happy with Organyc that I will not change this brand.
    • Tacha Zammit; I already did. Brands do nothing to me if they don’t work for me.
    • Stephanie Hodgkins; Yes without a doubt organic is the way forward. Since I am in the beauty industry and I’ve recently become a mother, I am much more aware of the benefits of using organic products.
  6. Were there any factors that may have stopped you from trying Organyc’s range of products? 
    • Stephanie Cassar Reynaud; None at all. I have been using the products for just over a year.
    • Tacha Zammit; None, the range covers my needs and preferences and the products are available in so many different pharmacies and supermarkets.
    • Stephanie Hodgkins; Availability in stores since they are products I use daily it’s important that I can find them locally. Thankfully Organyc product range is widely available so this would not be an issue.
  7. Do you think that the Organyc products that you have tried have suitably replaced the products you normally use?
    • Stephanie Cassar Reynaud; Yes the products tick all my boxes. The older we get the more complicated our issues get during our menstrual cycle and Organyc has helped me immensely. I also use the cotton disks which are lovely on the skin. Thanks for introducing this brand to me. A very satisfied customer.
    • Tacha Zammit; 100%.  I will definitely not be going back to synthetic ones, it’s a no brainer!
    • Stephanie Hodgkins; Yes the range is wide and I found them very good and when comparing I actually prefer the Organyc products not only because they are organic but because they are of very high quality.

For more information about Organyc products and where to buy them, please visit their Facebook page Organyc Malta

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