Perfect GOLDEN MYLK Every Time …

Turmeric Lattes were all the rage in 2016 … countless Instagram posts have been dedicated to this trendy “Golden Milk” or “Golden Mylk” (don’t be confused, the Y stands for non-dairy). Well it’s 2018 now and not sure if I’m still on fleek but I have to admit that I still enjoy a good cup of golden chai.

What is a turmeric latte?

For those that have no clue what I’m on about, don’t panic, I’ll explain …

Essentially a turmeric latte involves warm milk (or mylk), turmeric and a variety of other spices (usually cinnamon, ginger and pepper) and sweeteners such as honey for example.

Sounds too complicated for you?

I know, I know we are always so tight for time … so imagine my excitement when I discovered an instant (YES it’s ready mixed for you!!) turmeric latte blend by Wunder Workshop (A London based functional food brand making organic turmeric based products.)

Turmeric lattes for days!!!!!

This one even has raw cacao in it … because one superfood just isn’t enough for some of us.

It’s super easy to prepare; Just add 1 tablespoon of the blend to your favourite cup, followed by a splash of hot water to make a paste, pour in your warm milk/mylk and stir …. DONE!

Hot tip; froth your milk for a creamier texture. You can also add a sweetener of choice but I quite like it as is.

More details please …

This product is 100% organic and vegan and if like me you try to be a “conscious consumer”, you would be happy to know that this brand sources all its turmeric directly from small community farms in the heart of Sri Lanka, using the most sustainable farming techniques.

This INSTANTLY GOLDEN CACAO is specifically designed to increase the bio-availability of turmeric. In other words black pepper and coconut milk powder are added to the turmeric in order for the body to reap the maximum benefits.

“Consumed alone, the turmeric metabolizes too quickly in your liver and intestinal wall for your body to reap any of the benefits. However, paired with piperine, a compound in black pepper, the bio-availability of turmeric increases 2000% by slowing the metabolization of the curcumin (3). Also, turmeric’s nutrients are fat soluble, so consuming it with a healthy fat such as coconut enables your body to use the nutrients.”

Think you may want to give this turmeric latte blend a try? Head over to Flavours for Health and get your hands on some golden goodness of your own … we totally recommend that you do!

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