Solo parenting mother runner: How to make it work!

Hannah,  Maltese mum to Shaye (6) and Charlotte (3) is married to David Martirano who works as a Captain on a classic schooner, meaning he is often away from home, leaving Hannah in charge of the family, for the most part. This super woman manages to juggle her time between work, running and parenting and we want to know HOW she does it.

Hannah’s passion for fitness drove her to get her PT certification earlier on in her life and she now runs circuit training classes and sees her PT clients mostly in the mornings while her kids are at school. Her love for running began a couple of years ago and she has been running all types of marathons ever since, reveling in the feeling of achievement when crossing that finish line or achieving a personal goal. Fitness has always been important to her and she believes that running completes her as a person and contributes to making her a fitter and healthier mum, ready to face the daily challenges of parenting.

These are her 5 secrets to making it all work:

1) Ask for help; build yourself a good support system of family and friends to help with the kids while you train/work. A couple of good reliable babysitters is also a must. Everyone needs some help, do not feel guilty for having to reach out to someone once in a while.

2) Get organised; I pack lunch boxes and gym bags the night before as often as possible – it saves so much time and effort in the morning! Planning meals 3 to 4 days in advance also works wonders so then you can relax during work and training and not have to spend time in the kitchen instead of with the kids once you get home.

3) Motivation and drive; set yourself a goal, something to work towards. Write it down! And every day do something, be it big or small, that gets you closer towards it. Share your passion for fitness with your kids, have them come support you during a race, make them know how important it is to you and explain the health benefits and how it makes you feel, they will respect you for it, feel more involved and it may very well inspire them to want to be fit and healthy themselves.

4) Be smart about scheduling work/planning training; try and train in the mornings while the kids are at school. Start  on a high and stay fueled with endorphins for the rest of the day. I try to do most of my work in the morning so I can focus on the kids in the afternoon. Planning is so important, especially when kids are involved, you need to plan and then you also need a back up plan that factors in them getting sick etc.

5) Have your kids join in the fun; – kids love to copy us – so let them join in with mini squats, burpees and shuffle runs around the park or at home. Count reps altogether to make it more fun!

For more about Hannah, her circuit training classes and PT sessions head to her Facebook page @paceyourselffitness

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