The 2-Month Program

Did you guess? No?

Don’t panic, we’ll let you in on their secret ….

All these fit mamas have one thing in common, their trainer … Martin Troy!

Troy has something up his sleeve, starting this October, a 2-month program aimed at mums that may be struggling to get their pre-baby bodies back.

If you want results, I mean if you seriously want results and are ready to make the commitment to set you on the right track then these ladies assure me that Troy is the trainer for you!

I managed to squeeze in a chat with him and the girls at Freemyme between a series of squats and some killer jump lunges to find out more about what Troy has in store for YOU …

Troy, you’re a top fitness trainer in Malta with a reputation for helping people achieve their physical goals. Firstly, how did you get into fitness training?

Thanks. I don’t see myself as a top trainer, I just do my thing and am happy to help people achieve their goals. I was 2nd best in Great Britain at decathlon in under 20s and I trained all my young life so that passion never left me. Now I channel that passion to help people. This is one of the main reasons I got into this career!

What aspects of fitness training do you particularly focus on?

I love results. People drop a dress size, lift a personal best or complete a race they never believed they could. This is what motivates me. Weight loss is best and what I focus on as this is most people’s reason to exercise and the one with the biggest rewards.

What is your secret for motivating your clients to keep coming back despite the well-known fact that your classes can be tough?

I’m funny, I think,  I am myself. It’s never about what I can do, as I see a lot of trainers trying to impress their clients. Instead, I listen. I give everyone in the room the same care and attention and I really want them to get results. I make the classes tough but also fun.

You are always so full of positive energy, what drives you?

I was a hyperactive child.  I still have that energy at 41. I love meeting people, talking, joking and the banter. This drives me.

We’ve heard that you will soon be running a specific 2-month program for 10 lucky ladies. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

Okay let’s not gloss it up. It will be tough. You will need to work hard, make a few sacrifices and commit fully for 2 months. You will need to train a minimum of 3 times a week at Freemyme (appropriate choice of classes according to your goals which can be discussed) and you will need to follow a meal plan designed specifically for you by a top Irish nutritionist which will be based on your weight, lifestyle and habits. Everything will be tracked and if weight loss is your struggle then this is fail proof. You will have constant support from myself and an online nutritionist to guarantee you succeed. I don’t want people to fail.

Is this program purely fitness based?

No. Fitness allows you more calories. It improves your health, your mood, your libido and muscle tone. As you age, you should add resistance training to your life to help you age better, live longer and take the pressure off your joints etc. Nutrition is the most important component for weight loss. Not starvation. Timing, correct amounts of the right foods, routine etc are factors that must all be considered. Combine both fitness and nutrition and you should be able to hit all your goals.

Is it open to all women or do they have to be of a certain level of fitness?

The program is for all looking to lose those extra pounds.

From your experience, what results can these ladies expect to achieve within this time-frame?

Anything is possible. Weight is good for motivation but not a good tool for measuring progress. Body fat percentage is the best gauge.  I have trained ladies in 6 weeks that have lost 10kg without extreme dieting. But to drop some body fat percentage, maybe a jeans size or two or even to have more energy and better mood is a win in my book.

How can one apply and how much would it cost?

People interested should contact me on my Facebook page for further information. If they wish to register I need confirmation and payment by the 15th of October in order to get all the pictures, measurement details and allow the nutritionist the time to individually set up the plans. A lot of work goes into this and the plans can be used again and again. Members of Freemyme pay for the nutrition only at EUR 250. Non members pay EUR 390 which also covers 2 months of 3 classes a week of their choice at Freemyme.

What do you girls think? Why do you attend Troy’s classes?

Cheryl – For me it’s Troy’s lively and infectious personality which I find very motivational. He is constantly varying the workouts to push you beyond your mental and physical limits.

Gayle – True, in fact he is notorious for his insanely tough classes and he will not compromise or lower his standards no matter the age or level of fitness of people in his class. But once you accomplish one of his classes, you wear it like a badge of honour and keep going back for more! I’d also like to add that I have never seen such body changes as I’ve seen in the ladies Troy trains. The results with Troy really are guaranteed. Oh and he plays wicked music and has a great sense of humour.

Becky – I think Troy, in his simplicity and humbleness, is a fantastic trainer. Like Cheryl said, his classes are fun with different combinations each time. He takes an interest in everyone’s progress by pushing you to your limits to make sure you achieve great results. You’ll just want to keep going back as you’ll want to be consistent. Thanks to Troy’s training I have achieved unbelievable results one of which being placing 2nd in the woman’s category in the Grid.

Jade – For me, Troy’s expertise is second to none! If it wasn’t for his addictive classes I would have never achieved the results I did. In less then 3 months, I lost 25 kilos which was the nasty weight I gained during my second pregnancy. He is an outstanding trainer who excels in what he does. Truly one in a million and I thank him for his consistency and sweet humble nature.

Sounds like this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed! Hurry though, he’s only taking 10 people on!

If you’re thinking of giving this program a go, you can contact the main man himself via his Facebook page or shoot him an email at

**Freemyme is a gym in Sliema, free parking is available for members.

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