The 9 ways I use NatraSan First Aid Spray!

NatraSan First Aid Spray is a multi award winning product and for good reason! Not only is it anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral but also 100% natural containing no alcohol, harmful chemicals, antibiotics or preservatives. This multi-purpose spray kills 99.9999% of germs in seconds, is safe if ingested and is also skin-friendly – honestly, this is the most versatile product I have come across to date!

To put it’s versatility to the test, Fit Malta Mums approached Sarah Ganado, a young mother of two active boys; Daniel (3 years) and Ben (11 months). Sarah was asked to carry a bottle of NatraSan around with her for a couple of weeks and list down how she used it and what she used it for. I’m curious to see what she has come up with ….

I’ve been using NatraSan for a few weeks now and I am so happy that I was introduced to this product. It literally can be used for anything and anywhere, at home or on the go – it’s a lifesaver! I must say that my favourite thing about this product is that it is chemical free. I love the peace of mind when using it around my tots! 

ONE – First place I used NatraSan was at the swings. I always wished to be able to wipe down the swings before the boys used them, especially for Ben because his hands are ALWAYS in his mouth. NatraSan makes this possible … few sprays and voila! Also a quick spray before we left the playground was necessary before their hands reached their mouths!

TWO – The son of a friend of mine got a mosquito bite when we were out and it was itchy… another great use for NatraSan.. mosquito or insect bites! Spray, spray and it soothes the itchiness.

THREE –  I’ve been out and about shopping for gifts during this busy Christmas period and inevitably I’ve have had to take Daniel to a few public toilets – so great to have NatraSan in the bag to spray toilet seats before use instead of performing some sort of acrobatic act in an attempt to strategically balance him above the toilet seat!

FOUR – A trip to Esplora Science Centre – what a fantastic place for the tots and what a busy time for NatraSan! I went with my sister and her triplets so we basically used up half the bottle before we left – many little hands to spray! Esplora is loads of fun but the fun is made up of the kids exploring everything through ‘touch’ and in this sniffles-season it was great to have NatraSan join us for the trip to keep the nasty viruses at bay!

FIVE – My son loves to run, jump and climb whenever he gets the chance but he’s also quite clumsy and we have quite a few falls when we’re out and about – hello NatraSan! It works as a great antiseptic for his grazed knees, reduces the chance of infection and stimulates the healing process … it also helps the tears stop faster!

SIX – NatraSan can also be used in the kitchen – I keep it handy to disinfect surfaces after cooking or making my kids’ million snacks a day.

SEVEN – My little one is teething so we carry around a million teethers wherever we go and he makes it a point to throw each and every one of these onto the floor! Thankfully a quick spray of NatraSan and they are back in business!

EIGHT – Believe it or not NatraSan works with nappy rash too! It’s actually more convenient than a cream because it’s a quick spray and job done! I’ve used it a couple of times on Ben to treat this and it has worked wonders.

NINE – When at restaurants I tell my older son to keep his food on his plate not on the table – does he listen? Today Daniel passed his cousin a smiley potato by sliding it across the table …thankfully I had sprayed the table with NatraSan before they started eating! I also used it for Ben’s high chair.. so convenient having this in my bag.

Wow! Quite a list! Sounds like mummy’s perfect sidekick – but hang on, there’s more ..

Apart from using NatraSan on Cuts and Grazes, Mosquito and Insect Bites, for Hand and Skin Disinfection, Surface Sanitation and as a Baby or Toddler antibacterial and sanitizer, it can also be used on Minor Burns and Scalds, to treat Acne and Spots and as an Athlete’s Foot Spray! I’m impressed to say the least!

It contains pure Hypochlorous Acid – the mild but incredibly effective antiseptic produced by the human body to kill invading germs and yet it is completely safe to humans, animals and the environment. Fantastic!

Where can you get your hands on this product you may be wondering?

NatraSan can be found for purchase at leading pharmacies across Malta. To keep up to date with NatraSan products and to find out more about this healthcare spray head to NatraSan Malta.

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