The story behind MGO Manuka Malta

Meet Kryssy Cassar Torregiani, a mum entrepreneur whose passion for healthy living and drive to find balance in her life, led her to quit law and start up a business that would accommodate the two.

This is her story ….

About twelve years ago, my mother befriended the internet and began an ongoing research campaign into healthy eating, healthy habits and an overall healthy lifestyle. She did her best to deter us from sugar, referring to it as a poison that should never enter of system, she put us off chemical-laden cosmetics, she introduced the family to the wonders of coconut oil, Aloe Vera (directly from the source), the importance of eating raw organic food, the beauty of free range eggs, and most importantly, given the way things panned out, the health benefits present in MGO Manuka Honey.

Given the health education received from my mother, when I joined the motherhood club, diet ranked quite high on the priority list, which meant preparing home made meals or snacks, trying to avoid sugar at all costs, and trying to ensure that anyone charged with the care of my kids would follow suit. Simple no?

Not quite! I soon learned that children do not always take instruction too well; that aesthetics can be a deal-maker or breaker and that a healthy lifestyle requires time, preparation, and constant dedication.

Up until October 2015, I spent my weekdays litigating in Court and/or at the office. The constant arguing with people did not, in any manner or form contribute to a healthy and balanced lifestyle…on the contrary, I used to get ridiculously worked up, smoked like a chimney which made me feel ill most of the time, yet all the while I felt a bit addicted to that lifestyle. The time I had with the kids in the afternoon or evening left little room for planning healthy meals, let alone time to get them to eat healthily. My youngest never took to the whole ‘health is wealth’ slogan…and would drive us all me mental, with the crying and gagging each time she was given fruit or vegetables!

Things changed, though, when I woke up one morning to find a lump in my throat…I thought I was allergic to an aubergine I ate the night before but decided to have it checked. It turned out to be a tumor…luckily it was in the thyroid area and, thankfully, benign (we found out after removing it). However that little lump put things into perspective.

I decided to give law a bit of a break and re-visited the MGO Manuka Honey idea. I say “revisited” as my mother had started buying the MGO rated Manuka Honey years before, after carrying out hours of research on its benefits and the science behind the different labels and ratings of Manuka. We became slightly obsessed with this honey, took it on a daily basis, and saw beautiful Results.

I discussed the idea of importing MGO Manuka Honey and other MGO rated Manuka products with my mum and a friend of mine, Lexi, and before we knew it we were making our first MGO Manuka order together, as MGO Manuka Malta! This new little venture has provided a platform to a more healthy and balanced family lifestyle…keeping busy with something that I love and believe in, having more time to spend with both my children, more time to exercise (at the moment this takes the form of walking our dog Bobby twice to three times a day), and more time to think of and plan healthy meals and to experiment with different recipes.
To get your hands on MGO Manuka products and to keep updated with more information about the brand follow Kryssy and the rest of the MGO team on either of the below;

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