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The world I choose to live in

Written by Natalie Debono;

Natalie is a long time social and environmental activist. Whatever she does, she does wholeheartedly and with a whole lot of passion. Natalie is the woman behind the conscious business CORE GREEN – an organization that supplies organic, fairtrade and ethical products.

I reached out to Natalie to help create awareness of Fair trade; what this actually means and why it is important. She explains it beautifully with the following piece …



Meet Dona Lucia from Caldas in Colombia.

A woman. A mother. A coffee grower.

Lucia has worked hard to make ends meet especially when working in an unforgiving sector such as coffee where the competition is huge and powerful corporations are dictating terms. A pittance to the grower. A huge profit to the corporation.

This is no way to live and raise families.

Enter the farmer cooperatives like Equal Exchange and ethical businesses like Tropical Wholefoods, Cafedirect, Dr Bronner’s and Zotter Chocolate. They did not want to be part of a system that abuses of people, land and resources. They have built their businesses around real people with real values.

Equal Exchange have pledged since the very beginning to pay above market prices so they “help the farmers to stay on their land, provide for their families, invest in their cooperative, improve their communities, and gain economic power in the marketplace”.

5 Good Reasons to Choose Fairtrade Ethical products:

  • Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.
  • Fairtrade isn’t about charity. It is about rethinking the relationship between producers and consumers. Fairtrade makes sure that this relationship is based on honesty and respect. It is an assertion of the rights of all to decent living and working standards.
  • Choosing to buy Fairtrade products as an individual is an important way to ensure that the people who have made those products are being treated fairly. What will make even more of a difference is encouraging others to buy Fairtrade by raising awareness of the difference Fairtrade can make.
  • By taking action on Fairtrade, you are securing rights for some of the most marginalised producers in the world: helping to ensure that they get a fair deal, a living wage and are able to work towards the sustainable development of their communities.
  • You feel so good! Yes knowing that you are actually helping with your purchases, makes you feel awesome and also passes on good values to your kids.

Doña Lucia says “Everyone says how hard it is to grow organic, but look, we’re doing all this ourselves – before, we didn’t know anything. But with help from the Fairtrade coop, and our partnership with you, our buyers, we feel excited about the future, so many things are possible.”

An economic system based on respect and fairness. Choose Ethical gifts and contribute to a better world as well as providing a world of possibility for all.

This is the world I choose to live in.


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