What are YOUR superpowers?

“What if I told you, you could be part of something BIG, something that could change the world” …

I told my kids as I showed them this book.

They were intrigued.

“HOW can we change the world?” Eli said, as they sat down on either side of me, wide-eyed … “come on mum, tell us more.”

“Well .. this book is all about 10 superpowers that you both have, that’s right superpowers, just like real superheroes!”

I introduce them to Jake and Emily, the characters in the book, they walk us through the 10 superpowers and ask us questions at every stage. It warms my heart to hear their answers. “I dream of becoming an artist” Eli says without hesitation “and I want to be a Doctor just like Emily, to help people” adds Mila.

We read and talk about imagination, intuition, determination and my favourite superpower of all “We are grateful” …. “What are you grateful for?” I ask. “Hmm I’m grateful for flowers and butterflies” says Mila … “Mother Earth”, Eli says with a smile.

As we turn the pages, we discuss more secret superpowers; cooperation, love, curiosity … “We eat smart” … “I know what this means mummy”, Eli interrupted, “it means that we should eat healthy food to make us strong” … ladies and gentlemen my job here is done (haha). “What are your favourite superhero foods?” They were quick to give their answers here; “Peas! Nuts! Broccoli! Oh and Apples too!” (If only she was this cooperative at mealtimes, still … I was proud of her reply). “And for me …. carrots, the green crisps you make (he means Kale) and bananas!” And I’ll finish off with another of their favourites … “We are talented” … “What are your talents?” …. “I love to dance mummy” says Mila happily. “I think I am good at drawing, colouring and running fast” says Eli proudly.

What a fantastic book! And what fun it has been having them engage and actively contemplate their natural abilities. We even got a certificate with the book, officially awarding them superhero status. They got to pick their favourite 3 superpowers and were made to promise to use their superpowers “to help others and to make the world a happier place!”

As parents, we want the best for our kids. We want them to grow up believing in themselves, respecting themselves, respecting others and the planet. This book is a fun and interactive way to empower your kids to do just that. The idea of belonging to a Superhero club appeals to them immensely as does involving them in the story-telling by asking questions about each superpower and how it applies to them … it provokes both thought and curiosity to “explore the power within”.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and they seem to love it too as they have requested the book time and time again. Their enthusiasm increases with every read and their answers become more profound.

Thank you Aunty Sab for empowering our kids to power the world!

If you’d like to empower your kids too, get your hands on a copy of “We’re the New Superheroes!” You can also use the coupon code NEWSUPERHEROES at checkout to avail of a special discount. We hope you enjoy the book as much as we did!

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