What is a Buddha Bowl?

Want to be totally on trend in the healthy eating department this year? Have you heard about the Buddha bowl? NO? Let’s fill you in ….

A Buddha bowl (also referred to as a hippie bowl), is a nutritious meal made up of your protein of choice, greens, raw or roasted veg and a healthy grain. These bowls are usually topped off with some nuts or seeds and a delicious dressing. Easy and fun to make – countless combos and you can get really creative with the presentation … The kids can even prepare their own!

Ok let’s take you through it ….

Step 1 – The Grain

So many options here; brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, wholegrain cous cous etc

It’s actually great if you’ve cooked one of these grains the day before and you have leftovers to use up.

My preferred options are Brown Basmati rice or quinoa.

Step 2 – The Veggies

Don’t be shy – go all out! Make this bowl colourful … think “eat the rainbow”.

Get roasting (eg. butternut squash, courgettes etc), sautéing (eg. spinach, kale or mushrooms) and then also think of something raw for added texture (eg. cabbage, carrots etc).

For me, creamy avocado always makes an appearance … too good to leave out!

Once again, left over vegetables work great here too!

Step 3 – The Protein

What’s it gonna be? Black beans, chick peas, lentils, falafel or even some lean meat if you are not vegetarian or vegan.

I just love adding crispy chick peas. I usually roast them in the oven for about 15 – 20 mins with some olive oil, turmeric, chilli powder, lemon and a touch of honey.

Step 4 – The Dressing

Don’t forget about the dressing – I love to use anything that involves Tahini …. I usually mix it with a touch of water, lemon, pink himalayan salt, turmeric, chilli and honey.

Oh and if you have left over dip – whack a dollop on there too!

Step 5 – The Topping

Top the bowl with nuts of choice for added crunch and/or a sprinkling of seeds (hemp seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds etc)

That’s pretty much it – now it’s up to you to get creative and piece it all together …. AND we want to see your pics!

Tag #fitmaltamums on Facebook or Instagram with your colourful bowls of goodness, we’re dying to see what you’ll come up with!


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