Why Parents Should Care About Sustainable Fashion

Nowadays, it is safe to say that being conscious of what kind of food we intake on a daily basis is something that more and more consumers are taking action on. We have risen to the occasion to better understand where our food is coming from, how it is being grown, how will it affect our kids and our family? … and so on. Food is ultimately a fundamental human need for survival, so it is our right to know if it is actually giving sustenance or, quite frankly, doing the opposite.

Sticking to this frame of mind, have we ever given thought towards our clothing? Another fundamental human need 1 that we engage with on a daily basis – basically, our second skin. In our defence, with clothing being supplied in such large amounts, at cheap prices and so easily accessible, it ultimately becomes difficult to connect with the journey of all those items being sold. But if we think about it, understanding that journey – for example, the processes that the material went through to actually become a material and how they could be affecting our health and our environment? – is just as important as our mindful approach to the food we eat.

Thankfully, today, the industry is taking many positive strides towards a cleaner and more sustainable approach. However, it is so important that we, as consumers, ask certain questions that will help us better understand the journeys of our clothes before they enter into our wardrobes. To make more educated choices towards the way we consume fashion, and to use our power to be a part of those positive strides.

Here are 5 Reasons why parents should care about sustainable fashion …

  1. Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, after oil.

  2. Clothing is our second skin, a vital part of survival; knowing the chemical content of our food is just as important as knowing the chemical content of our clothes.

  3. Child and forced labour within the fashion industry is still very dominant, knowing who made our clothes is extremely important.

  4. 80% of discarded textiles are lost to landfill or incineration, due to the lack of awareness regarding what happens to garments after use.

  5. By doubling the useful life of clothing from one year to two years, emissions can reduce over the year by 24%.

Fashion Revolution Malta is organising a morning of Sustainable Fashion discussions specifically for mums and dads at Sanya Eco Spa in Naxxar, aiming to open up the world behind our clothes, to understand the impact of fashion on our families and our impact on others.

Here are 5 reasons why you should attend …

  1. Watch a movie that will give you a new perspective of the fashion industry

  2. Join in on the exciting discussion with a fresh smoothie and our all time favourite avo toast, thanks to Sanya Malta.

  3. Gain insights and empowering knowledge on how to have a more sustainable wardrobe for you and your family

  4. Meet new people in a beautiful setting, with a 20% discount for the spa facilities to be used after event, upon request.

  5. Become a sustainable change maker in our ever changing world!

This Eco Fashion for Future Generations event is taking place on the 7th November from 9am to 12pm at Sanya Eco Spa in Naxxar. Click here to buy tickets.

Be Curious. Find out. Do Something.

Fashion Revolution Malta is a Nonprofit Organisation that is looking to unite the fashion industry and ignite a revolution to radically change the way our clothes are sourced, produced and purchased. Want to reach out? Email them on fashrev.malta@gmail.com

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