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Why switch to natural deodorant?

Teaming up with Lafe’s …

Brand Manager Krysta Soler and myself have joined forces to raise awareness of the issues surrounding conventional deodorants and anti-perspirants. After making the switch ourselves, we felt the need to make others think about the importance of safe skincare as well as what to expect when attempting to go down the natural route.

We met up one afternoon to discuss our reasons for switching to natural and the challenges we faced in the process of making the change …

Why natural?

As we made ourselves comfortable, Krysta kicked off the chat .. “For me, it’s all about avoiding harmful ingredients. It’s the reason I pushed to bring the brand to Malta, especially since I had come across a few brands before that claimed to be natural but were still not completely “clean”. (Always read the labels!) Well that, and the fact that this brand finally worked for me.”

In fact, most conventional deodorants contain a list of toxic ingredients, aluminium being one of the big ones to avoid – usually present in anti-perspirants. “Let’s face it, we are supposed to sweat, it’s a natural way of ridding our body from toxins and also regulating our body’s temperature.” This is my belief. Krysta agreed and added that what the aluminium compounds do is clog up our sweat glands, essentially blocking everything inside – “that can’t be healthy right?” plus what happens once all that aluminium is absorbed into our bodies? We have both come across various studies on the health risks linked with the accumulation of aluminium, and while these are not yet definitive, we both agree that we would rather rely on safer, more natural options.

But it’s not just Aluminium, slapping on potentially toxic substances like Parabens, Propylene Glycol and Phthalates (to name a few) daily under your arms where they can be easily absorbed into your blood stream can’t be good for you. Let’s not forget that there are lymph nodes in our armpits which play an important part in fighting off disease. Surely, bombarding them and causing hormonal imbalance will affect our immune response?

And how about migraines? Could this be thanks to the synthetic fragrances present in conventional deodorants? Thankfully natural deodorants are free from artificial fragrance and usually rely on the use of pure essential oils instead.

What to expect?

Something that you may not realise is that if you’ve been using conventional or anti-perspirant deodorant for a while, you will need a few days to flush out build up of toxins and get your pores working and sweating normally again. “This is why some people may give up, they switch from conventional to natural and immediately claim that the natural deodorant doesn’t work” Krysta explains. I totally agree “your underarms will need to detox so you will need to give the product some time to work it’s magic”

When making the switch, we suggest washing your underarms well and often with a mild natural soap and perhaps you could also exfoliate a few times to help speed up the process.

Drinking plenty of water is also great, but you should be doing that anyway right? “And Exercise – do lots of that too” I believe this is a remedy for a lot of things …  and it helps to get everything moving, “literally sweat it all out!”

Hot tip – Your diet is also important. (Yes it affects body odour too!) Healthy eating habits including a high intake of fresh vegetables, less caffeine and avoiding too many meat-based products will help to keep you smelling sweet.

Like with any natural solution “be patient” we say this together and it makes us laugh! But yes, patience is necessary …. please don’t expect instant changes AND know that everyone’s body chemistry is different. What works for one, may not work for another. So you’ll need to do some experimenting of your own – try different strengths and types and give your body some time to adjust. You’ll need to try a product for a few weeks before giving up on it.

Lafe’s offers many different options to accommodate different lifestyles such as; Lafe’s Active with Citrus & Bergamot, Lafe’s Soothe with Lavender & Aloe, Lafe’s Crystal Rock Deodorant and Lafe’s Extra Strength with Coriander & Tea Tree. All these deodorants come in a roll-on version, most come in twist-stick form and the Soothe is available as a spray.

Even Krysta and myself have had to go through a few types to find our perfect match (did we mention you need a good dose of patience?) …. for me, the Lafe’s Extra Strength roll on with Coriander and Tea Tree works best whilst Krysta prefers Lafe’s Soothe spray, the Lavender and Aloe blend.

And now we want feedback from YOU …

Have you made the switch? Are you using Lafe’s? Which Lafe’s gets your vote?

We’ll be featuring a few faces on our social media feed to uncover what the public thinks … so get in touch if you want to join in the fun, we’d love to hear from you!

Let’s find out who’s #safewithlafes 🙂 

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